Mitigating COVID-19 Related Risk Through Proactive or Distressed Aircraft Sales


The most difficult experience during the COVID-19 pandemic is the fact that it was impossible to predict and therefore impossible to financially plan for. This has impacted us all in the aviation industry. It goes without saying that the longer this situation persists, the more challenges we will continue to face.  It can be hard for anyone to admit that their business is distressed, so I would like to suggest a different perspective.

The level of risk in this industry has increased substantially and the timeline has become completely unknown. Given our current circumstances, the need to free up capital at this juncture can be an essential and proactive way of reducing risk. If you are in a position where you need to generate cash from a helicopter sale, we have buyers with funding available to acquire assets quickly.

We can help you value your asset and evaluate your options. If you still want to utilize your aircraft, but need to raise capital, there are alternatives that we can help you with. One of these options is sale leaseback, which allows you to keep your aircraft and raise some capital, while providing you with some certainty going forward.

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