The IAM Banker's Playbook


Last week JPMorgan's CEO Jamie Dimon said “there should have been a pandemic playbook” to tackle the COVID-19 crisis.

It goes without saying that the global coronavirus pandemic has and will continue to impact almost every aspect of every industry around the world. This is an extremely challenging time for everyone, especially for banks working with helicopter assets. There is so much uncertainty, so many questions, and (perhaps counter-intuitively) so many options. Is now the time to sell? Or alternatively, is now a time to buy? How should I manage, exit, or maybe even grow at this time? What are all the things I need to consider in making these decisions? 

To help answer these questions, we've taken cue from Dimon himself and put together our own IAM Banker's Playbook. This is a short guide on how banks and financial institutions can effectively navigate distress (such as those created by COVID-19 and current oil price environment).  That said, the Playbook offers a best-practices guide that should be followed at all times - not just times of distress. Download the Playbook below.  

A Guide to Navigating Distress in the Helicopter Industry

The IAM Banker's Playbook will take you through a 4-Step Strategy for times of distress and beyond. You will also learn:

•  The unique characteristics of helicopters & why you must handle your asset with extreme caution during this time

•  Simple ways to destroy value 

•  The impact of PBH vs. Non-PBH programs

•  The most important questions you need to ask yourself, your customer, MRO providers, PBH suppliers, and OEMs 


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